Networking issues - Azure


Azure engineering teams have applied mitigation against the network Issue and have confirmed that all services are healthy. Solarvista access/performance have remained steady and normal. This incident is now resolved, thanks for your patience.


A recent Azure network change appears to have been the cause of connectivity failures and high latency to a number of services. This has been rectified by Azure engineering teams and we have seen Solarvista access/performance began to return to normal at around 08:10 this morning. We will continue to monitor.


We have been advised of an Azure networking issue affecting access to some resources causing failures or increased latency. Azure engineering teams are currently applying mitigation.

This issue may impact user access and performance of the Solarvista services during this time.

A further update will be posted once received from Azure support.

Began at:

Affected components
  • Solarvista Infrastructure Services
    • Azure